Press quotes

Butchers House

February 2003 – trio

»It is hard to understand that Kanonhallen isn't packed to the bursting point with audience and TV-cameras. Because choreographer Sara Gebran's piece ”Butcher's House" expresses everything which the TV commentators, military analysts and crisis economists are desperately trying to piece together in these war desperate times… With extreme clear-sightedness Gebran has created a collage of our collapsing world in such a chaotic and cunning form that you just have to hang on tight when she swings the scrubbing brush and the red hotdog over the Danes and their lazy daydreams of justice. Gebran mixes dance with language and satire with sarcasm in a way that makes the audience feel the sting of the smiles…« Information, 05. march 03, Anne Middelboe Christensen

»…"Butcher's House" is about breaking through and stepping across all barriers. .. An amusing exposure of the by now cliche-like dance theatre way of turning the human being inside out. But at the same time an authentic expression of the status of the dancer today as a nomad of globalization.. "Butcher's House" is a journey through memory fragments - a rape, a receipe, a war scene… Sara Gebran's "Butcher's House" pushes itself forward in a strong way with a sense of life. Regardless wether or not the dancers find their way home…”« Politiken, 04. marts. 03 , Monna Dithmer

»Sara Gebran is a choreographer who always has a lot more at heart than just entertaining her audience. In her new piece "Butcher's House" she lets three lovely and very personal dancers wrestle with themes like identity, national identity, and globalization and she does it with wonderful sarcasm and humour… ”« Berlingske Tidende, . 02. marts 03, Vibeke Wern

Photo: Charlotter Munch-Bengtsen