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18 Oct. - Dec. "How to get the water into the tire", solo project.

11 Sept. - 16 Oct., "Vertical Gardening", Dura Al Kara village, West Bank.

14 - 21 August & 1-10. May, preparation of the project "Vertical Gardening" in Jalazoun refugee Camp, West Bank.

2-10 May: Vertical Gardening preparation visit, Jalazoun refugee Camp, West Bank.

15 & 16 April, IETM, Stockholm. Quadraphonic a shared night (Website: (quadraphonic): Sara Gebran with La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble; Anders Paulin & Anders Mossling with ‘Neither Me nor You, ‘Ylva Henrikson & Kajsa Sansdröm with CON:TEXT, Body of an absent Lady Han & Eliisa Erávalo with This is about somebody at Tribunalen Theatre. kl. 20.00-22.00. Website: (Quadraphonic)

17 & 19 February, TPAM, Yokohama/Japan, 'La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble' & ***Société - A working space.

12 February, Roxy Theatre Basel, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble

28 January, Danssämesse, Stockholm with an excerpt of VOODOOM: waking the Model


Jan 20th - June 10th, Vertical Exile Stockholm/Botkyrka '10

May 6, "Dancing Theories" L1, Budapest.

Sept. 26 - Oct. 25, "Vertical Gardening", Refugee Camp Jalazoun, West Bank.

Dec. 1-6. Interactive World Map Exhibitions in the foyer of Dansens Hus, Stockholm during ICE HOT by Sara Gebran. Here there was an Artist Mesa: where she opens up her table to present the works of several artists from the world


July 27 - August 29, Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09.

April 6-30, Vertical Exile - West Bank/Refugee Camps.

May 24, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, Festival Tribunale Teater, Stockholm/Sweden.

July 29 - August 29, Vertical Exile – Copenhagen, Metropolis Biennale, Copenhagen/Denmark.

November 6, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble & Vertical Exile – Copenhagen, P@rts showcase, Copenhagen/Denmark.


April 29, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, Uppsala Stads Teatern, Sweden.

May 5, Il n’y a pas de pommes au Paradis, Tunis.

May 21-24, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, 24 kvadrat mt. Göteborg/Sweden.

July - August, Vertical Exile- lab, Copenhagen/Denmark.

September 2-4, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, Copenhagen/Denmark.

Oct. 26, 29, La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble, Café 44, Stockholm/Sweden.


Oct. 22 - Dec. 1, “Banquet” collaboration with Patricia Portelo’s. Theatre Vooruit & Bozar, Belgium.

Sept. 4-30, EX:changing Memories of Movements PART-2, 1 week tour in each city Århus, Copenhagen & Stockholm a collaboration between artist of each city and middle eastern artists.

June 20, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis. Uzés festival, France.

June 18, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis and Colaboratorio project In-Presentable festival, Madrid/Spain.

June 5-16, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Hudsson, Bard Dance Across Borders Festival, NY/USA.

June 4, CROSS ME Judson Church, NY with solo.

May 18-22, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis Dans-k festival, Copenhagen/Denmark.

April 30, Bipod Festival Ramallah. Ramallah/Palestine.

April 28, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Bipod Festival Hayac Cultural Center, Amman/Jordan.

April 26, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Bipod Festival, Beirut/Lebanon.

March 10 - April 22, Colaboratorio project by Panorama Festival. Residency & Tour. Tour: Rio de Janeiro, Bella Horizonte & Fortaleza, Brazil.

Jan. 23 - Feb. 18, EX:changing Memories of Movements PART-I, 1 month residency at Dramatisk Institutet Stockholm.


January 15 - February 7, Residency and performance of Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Grand Theatre of Gröningen, Gröningen/Holland.

March 2, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Baggaardsteatret, Svendborg/Denmark.

March 12-13, 18-19, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm/Sweden.

July 22, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Dance Kios festival, Hamburg/Germany.

October 6, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis, Show Case p@rts, Copenhagen/Denmark.

November 18, 21, Il n’y a pas de Pommes au Paradis at Festival Panorama de Dança, Rio de Janeiro & Sand Gonzalo, Brazil.

October 24 - November 24, Colaboratorio project, Panorama festival, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

August, “Laa Ma´Fi” “Images of the Middle East festival” Copenhagen International Thatre Copenhagen, Grand Teater, Århus, Huset teater, Odense/Denmark.


January 06, Frontiers, Berlin/Germany, Sophiensaele.

January 12-16, Frontiers, Damascus. Invitation from the Danish Cultural Institut in Damascus.

February 22, Frontiers Rouen/France, Theater Duchamp.

September 16, Frontiers, at “Dream Shot”, Antwerp/Belgium.

Sept. 22-23, Frontiers, Beirut/Lebanon, Theatre Dward El Shams.

October 15, Frontiers, Bergen/Norway. BIT Teatergaragen.


June 17-19, Frontiers excerpt, Uzés/France.

June 11-13, Frontiers, Fools25 seminar, Copenhagen International Theater Festival (KIT) /DK.

July 22-25, Frontiers excerpt”, Fools25, KIT Festival/DK.

Oct. 27-30, Frontiers & “Miss Chance”, Malaga & Ronda/Spain, Festival Danza Málaga.

November 30 - Dec. 03, Frontiers, Danse á aix, Provence, France.


March, ?Butchers House, Puservik Festival, Göteborg.


March 3, Fantasies Of Boredom Dummies, Marathon, Dansescenen, Dk.

March 15-24, Body Expired premiere, Dansescenen, Copenhagen/Dk.

Sept-Nov. Body Expired tour: Århus festuge; Tallinn/Estland; IETM Århus; Danserotation: Odense & Århus; Brussels.


August 10, Guilts, Malmö Festival, Malmö/Sverige.

October 19, Guilts, International Festival Mess, Sarajevo/Bosnia.

December 1, Fantasies Of Boredom Dummies, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/Scandinavian Platform, Helsinki/Finland.


May, Overloadlady & Hunting, Kongesvinger International Festival; Hamar/Norway.

July, She Shrieks, International Seminar Contemporary Dance, Bytom & Krakow/Poland, Mamma.

July 28, ?She Shrieks, MIMIS Festival, Arles/France.

October, She Shrieks, IETM meeting, Reykjavik/Iceland.

October, Mamma, Aerowave meeting, Århus/Denmark.


Nov., She Shrieks Winner of the Bagnolet Scandinavian Platform, Lund/Sweden.

Oct., New York Europe Festival, Dancespace Project, NYC/USA. She Shrieks & Overloadlady, Bergen International Theater, Bergen/Norway.

July, She Shrieks, Aerodance Julydanse, Danswerkplaatz, Amsterdam/Netherland.

May, She Shrieks, Dansendag Festival, Århus/Dk.

May, “Miss-I”, Junge Hunde, Kampnagel, Hamburg/Germany.

February, She Shrieks, Aerowave, London/UK.


Tours of various own works and collaboration works to: Caracas/Venezuela, NYC/USA, Copenhagen/Dk, Hamburg/Germany, Stockholm/Sweden, etc.