Vertical Exile - Copenhagen

April 2009

»Sara Gebran tried to give people hope and ways how to create a space of happiness and fun which was proved to be possible; you just give people an insight and they will try to manage.« (Sali Abu Bakar, 30. April.09)

»The show is very beautiful and it work to make the story of bringing together the love of life and the need to communicate with others, affirming its support for the festival of the Ramallah Contemporary Dance, which opened great prospects in the fields of art to the public, and through the 22-year-old Tariq Saleem offers his admiration for the group: "I have been able to offer the seat for more than an hour to you, were the joy and pleasure in and out of the real world to another world through meditation this presentations did…«
(30.April.09, http://www.maannews.net/arb/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=159790)