Press quotes


June 2009

»…the Danish Sara Gebran shows with her work how homogenious the Finnish dance is. Next to the correct and monotonous Finnish stillness “Fantasies Of Boredom Dummies” is fresh, wild, sparkling to tell this and that, like a fist in the eye” - Mirja Tukiainen, Kaskisuomalainen, Finland, 04.12.01

»…Gebran is an exception. She creates dance that is just as bitter as it is beautiful. Dance that is filled with courage, and yet extremely aesthetic. She has again stirred up the dance audience with her rebellious photo-inspired body work.” - Ballet Tanzactuelle, Anne Middelboe Christiansen, 08.09.2001

»…Sara Gebran has found a universe with an own personal tone, where her dynamical language of movement can go beserk like a doll in Disneyland after Dark.” Monna Dithmer, Politiken 10.06.2001

»Impressively Gebran manages to vary her themes and if you like you can read an exploration of early female sexuality, images of human loneliness, and fear of growing up into this 50 minutes long ballet” Henrik Lyding, Jyllandsposten,10.06.2001

»Sara Gebran is a live Wire… She is doing her best to put the Danish dance scene on fire, and in her confrontation with Cindy Sherman’s staged photography she has made another step in her promising carrier" - Charlotte Christensen, Information 11.06.2001