April 2004 solo 60 min.

»Gebran… spellbinds her audience with her athletic and energetic dance and her seductive eyes. But the real power of the performance is its innovative and intelligent build-up that Gebran uses to frame the concept of power….With determination Gebran takes the borders and she deconstructs them, confronts them and opposes them with humor, dance and seriousness. Dance can be both politically engaging and entertaining« - Bergens Tidende 15. Oct.05, Melanie Fieldseth -

»Gebran denounce with a very modern and stylish body movement the geographical, cultural religious and individual borders…a performance witch takes over the uncluttered to express better words and body movements…the dancer expose in a dynamical choreography a real version of life. An interesting performance to watch at Dawar shams.« - L’Orient du Jour, Beirut. 23.Sept.05- Colette Khalaf. -

»Didier Michel reveals a trio of dance choreographers to the friendly public of Uzés… The volcanic Venezuelan Sara Gebran with sharp humor…” « - René Silva, Figaro, 25 june 04 -

»Sara Gebran “Frontiers”s is a courageous act. A one woman performance, stretched to believe on, so it is an artist statement. Here in the chaotic world situation, where war and the fight about borders is shaking as never before. But what can a woman alone do in Nørrebro? Not so much. And yet. She sets on thoughts in the spectators. She provokes them and contradicts them. And it is this that art stands for« Erik Aschengreen, Berlinsketiden, 23.04.04 -

»Invitation to a close battle, just come in… It is both political and personal borders Sara Gebran brings along… Gebran’s work is so, that with the sweetest smile can be so daring and creative brutal power… There is a need of a political remark in dance scene here, else people are silent, “lost in abstraction”…« Monna Dithmer. Politiken d. 24 april 04 –

Photo: Joen Vedel