Press quotes

Il n'y as pas de pommes au Paradise


“…Sara Gebran, whom the gentlemen Buñuel and Dali might have found amusing if they had met reminds one of a bizarre Beckett-character… tormenting her uncontrollable body like a flagellant… …a clown of multiculturalismShe confronts the audience with an otherness that opens for reflection. In some ways the aesthetic resemble the “beauty warriors” solos created by Jan Fabre for strong women, but Gebran is less sophisticated, more politically direct and feministic. The performance creates an appetite for more. A woman who makes applesauce out of cultural codes and the concept of gender is worth exploring.* – Svenska Dagbladet, 14 mars. 2006, Anna Ångström -

“A peregrine. A well structured and dramaturgically build solo, where Sara Gebran is alone with a creasy and insisting energy…. An interesting, rich images and sensorial solo” - Af Vibeke Wern, 22 Maj’07 Berlingske.