Pressquotes > She Shrieks

August 1998

»…a both original and compound work which confirms the impression of Sara Gebran as a highly personal and exciting choreographer…«

»…there is a renewing change of shifts among the choreographers these years. Sara Gebran confirms this with a boom of energy. SHE SHRIEKS is the name of the work. Yes, thank you, this is pure power-house« - Monna Dithmer, Politiken, july`98

»…Sara Gebran's SHE SHRIEKS is carried through with a rare femininity, raw-power and consequence…« Majbritt Simonsen, WeekendAvisen, july`98

»…A boom of a choreographic tour de force…« - Monna Dithmer, Politiken, july`98

»… It is intelligently put together. Sara Gebran can do it. She has found relations between projections and compositions… The performance makes a fusion between nothing less than the West and the East.« - Marit Strømmen, Bergen Tidende, oct.`99

Photo: David Amzallag